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Dead Droid Records

Category: Digital

As the principal and founder of Dead Droid Records, Hardy was the driving force behind the development of the company’s web site. With a wide variety of bands on the record label, we needed a web site that would represent the image of our company, project a positive image for all bands on the site and communicate to a wide-ranging target audience and a variety of media outlets.

Due to extensive research of our company’s target market, we were able to study other web sites and branding elements that successfully communicated with our target audience. This research shaped and guided our design process as we created CD covers, promotional posters, signage and other materials. We then used this overall creative look and feel to develop the web site.

With the growing popularity of blogs and social media, we decided to design a site designed in a blog-type format. The site provided for easy client updates, easy to use drop down menus and efficient navigation. With a clean and fresh design as well as a blog style home page, the site functioned as an ideal interactive branding solution for Dead Droid Records.

Tools: HTML, CSS & Flash.