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QBS, a human resources company in South Carolina, needed a complete re-branding of its company name and logo. The company’s current logo was dated and lacked identifiable and marketable brand characteristics. Prompt needed to find a way to take the existing company name, design a stronger logo and thereby make the company’s overall brand a more marketable force in the human resources industry.

To give QBS the solution they needed, Prompt relied on thorough research of the industry and the company’s competitors. We examined the color, graphics and styles that the industry’s leaders utilized and found a way to make the QBS brand stand out in a crowded marketplace.

We shortened the company name Quality Business Solutions to QBS and designed a logo to match the company’s new business strategies. The blue color represents QBS, while the green represents the customers it serves. Following the brand remake, QBS has used the logo on all business documents such as letterhead, envelopes, folders and business cards, which were all designed by Prompt Studios.