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We really enjoyed working on this project with John McEnroe at Dunlop. John expressed the desire to create a racquet
that featured a throwback design similar to his racket in the 80’s but with updated technology. The challenge was to create a logo and racquet design with both modern and throwback characteristics.

After examining John’s old racquet from the 80’s, we began incorporating those design elements in the updated racquet. We looked for old school colors and styling that would still appeal to today’s tennis player. Throughout the process, we continued to keep in my mind the target consumer and designed the racquet exclusively for a somewhat small, niche tennis market.

We were able to design the logo and the aesthetics in the racquet with the characteristics John was looking for. The racquet is styled in the 80’s era and features a classic font and color to display the McEnroe name. You can still see John use this racquet in competitions to date.