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Dead Droid Records

Category: Identity

After founding Dead Droid Records, Hardy needed a logo that would market the company as an up and coming, highly-innovative indie music label. In order to effectively represent the company’s purpose and value, the logo and brand image marks had to be some of the most creative and imaginative elements the company would create.

Following research, Hardy began sketching design elements and creative drawings to use together with the logo. He worked on using graphic “monster” type images that would create a distinctive Dead Droid brand image.

To stand out within this crowded marketplace, Dead Droid decided to use a cleaner, crisper logo than most record labels and then utilize the more creative drawings as brand elements on promotional materials. Hardy hand-sketched the graphics before importing them into to Illustrator. Once the designs and sketches were completed, the company used them on its web site, t-shirts, marketing materials, CDs and all brand image elements.