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Dunlop needed a logo, creature tagline and brand identity image for it’s Aerogel tennis product brand. The high performance tennis rackets feature a four-directional braided graphite wrapped in an aluminum sheath at the 3-5, and 7-9 o’clock positions around the frame. The Aerogel braid is designed to increase strength and torsional stability without adding bulk or affecting the stiffness of the racquet. The result is a solid response without sacrificing the feel. Prompt Studios needed to develop a brand image that would communicate the product’s unique characteristics.

We began by the process by researching the tennis product industry and meeting with product developers. Once we knew how the product worked and its specific characteristics, we tried to find a clean, crisp font that would work together with the creative tagline and logo.

Prompt created the brand identity theme, tagline and logo you see in picture one. The Aerogel brand is known throughout the industry for its quality and precision. Our branding elements helped Dunlop achieve a higher presence in the high performance tennis racket market.