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John Daly Merchandise

Client: John Daily
Category: Creative

While at Dunlop, our principal designer had the always entertaining privilege to work with PGA golfer John Daly on several projects. One of these projects included designing merchandise to promote the John Daly brand. For this specific project, we needed to design hats that would accurately market John’s “every man,” “regular guy” image in the golf community.

We spent time with John to learn more about what he wanted and the image he wanted to project. During the design process, we researched hat and merchandise designs and styles that were popular within our target market. The goal for this merchandise was to strengthen John’s brand image but also maintain the high performance, high class image of Dunlop.

The hats featured old-school trucker designs and clean, crisp graphics. We also created a distinct “lion” logo to be used exclusively for John Daly products. The hats were sold in golf retail markets throughout the county, and John wore the hats in PGA Tour events.