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International Chamber Music Series

Client: ICMS
Category: Creative

In May of 2008, the International Chamber Music Series, a Greenville SC non-profit organization, hired the principal designer at Prompt Studios to create branding literature for an upcoming concert series. With a limited budget and dwindling season ticket sales, ICMS needed a marketing solution that would increase season ticket orders, expose the public to chamber music and strengthen the organizationís brand image. Following client meetings and consultation, our design firm faced the challenge of creating new branding materials that would convey an updated, attractive design and effectively communicate to a target demographic.

In order to select the ideal branding solution, we determined why ticket sales were down, why the public did not attend chamber music concerts and what creative theme and method would work most effectively. Further research revealed that the marketing communication needed to target a specific audience that would be interested and excited about attending a series of chamber music concerts. Upon meeting with the client and answering these issues, our designer selected a modern color scheme that would reflect a positive image for ICMS and help persuade the target audience to purchase tickets for the concert series.

In order to meet the needs of this client, we designed a series of direct mail post cards. Each of the 7 x 11.5 in. cards featured a creative headline from classic pop songs such as the Beach Boyís Good Vibrations, Glenn Millerís In the Mood, and Light My Fire by the Doors. The cards showcased crisp, clean images that worked with the creative headlines to create a distinct, new look and feel. Our creative team limited the amount of copy on the cards and used a classic, precise font that stood bold against the white background to draw the recipientís attention. Following positive feedback from the ICMS and its target audience, Prompt Studios was asked to design promotional concert posters to further market the concert series and increase brand awareness.

Print size: 7" x 11.5"
Quantity: 3000 each