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Dunlop Loco Motion

Client: Dunlop Sports
Category: Creative

Throughout his career, our principal designer has worked extensively with the LoCo golf product brand. During his time at Dunlop, the company needed packaging to launch a new line of LoCo Motion golf balls. Dunlop needed the packaging to strengthen the LoCo Motion brand and increase the product’s sales in large retail stores such as Walmart and Target.

Our designer studied the current LoCo Motion packaging and determined how to improve the look and feel of the packaging to strengthen the brand image. We wanted to develop a highly versatile design that Dunlop could use for a variety of products within the LoCo Motion brand name.

Prompt designed exclusive packaging that featured raised lettering on cellophane paper. We used bright colors to create a distinct circular design that Dunlop could use for different golf ball products within the Loco brand name. The sales doubled at Target and Walmart following the implementation of LoCo Motion brand logo design and packaging.