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Dunlop needed packaging for its DDH I.C.E golf balls that are engineered with exclusive I.C.E. technology for more power as well as a consistent touch and feel. The company marketed the product as a high performance golf ball, combining an aerodynamic 448 dimple pattern, unbeatable distance, firmer feel and dynamic swing performance. Dunlop asked PS to create package design for this product’s distribution in large retail sports stores throughout North America.

To develop a unique creative design for the DDH I.C.E brand, Prompt met with the product designers to learn more about the product. Following product research, our designer looked for specific colors and graphics that would best represent the characteristics of the brand and reach the target audience.

Our design featured a distinct blue ice look and feel in order to instantly grab the target consumer’s interest. We designed packaging for the golf ball sleeves and the outside of the golf ball case. This DDH I.C.E brand package and logo design was featured on golf ball products sold in Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, Target and Academy Sports & Outdoors.

Product Sold: Dick's Sporting Goods, Walmart, Target and Academy