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Dunlop Loco Dart

Client: Dunlop Sports
Category: Creative

Dunlop designed a new set of clubs called Loco Dart. To effectively market the product, the company asked our principal designer to create a logo, club face design and product tagline. The design needed to reflect the innovative technology featured in the clubs and accurately market its precise, high performance characteristics.

Before starting our design process, we met with the product designer to learn more about the specific technology used in the Loco Dart clubs. From there, we focused on how to incorporate the affordable,
adjustable-weight and carbon-crown characteristics of the product into our designs.

Our final design featured a subtle blending of black, silver and gray to create a high-class look and feel for the products. Together with the tagline “distance, accuracy, response, technology,” this design gave the product a distinct brand image that Dunlop was able to market in golf magazines throughout the United States.