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Better Homes & Gardens

Client: Better Homes and Gardens Furniture
Category: Creative

For an upcoming series of print ads, Better Homes and Gardens wanted to target a specific demographic with a series of ads that featured creative headlines. The magazine needed the ads to strengthen its brand and communicate a message of quality, class and high-value to potential readers.

PS studied previous and current BH&G ads to find out how to update the current design. Following this process, our designer used clean, precise photographs of rooms of furniture. The concept behind the ads focused on communicating the idea that Better Homes and Gardens is the ideal magazine to help women design, furnished and update their home and life.

We created the look and feel for this Better Homes and Gardens ad series by incorporating the client’s design style with clever, creative headlines. The two pictures display a mixture of traditional and contemporary styles, and we incorporated the shapes and lines of the furniture to work with the headlines. These ads ran successfully in magazines throughout the country.

Print size: 8.5" x 11"