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Client: BB&T
Category: Creative

BB&T needed a fresh, updated look and feel for its

in-store banners that needed to market specific banking services to young people and small businesses. These banners needed to communicate to a younger audience than BB&T’s typical client and increase the bank’s client base in this target market.

Prompt Studios researched the current trends in the marketplace to determine which images, colors and designs would communicate best to the target audience. Our principal designer collaborated with BB&T to help identify which banking elements would work and then began creating a more updated look and feel for the banners.

After presentation, review and analysis, BB&T decided to implement the new banner designs Prompt Studios created. The bold colors worked together with the consumer goods and modern business graphics to draw the attention towards BB&T’s banking and small business services. BB&T displayed the banners throughout its branches and utilized the new look and feel to project a stronger brand image to young people.


Print size: 8.5" x 11"